The First Sunday of the Month

Afternoon Worship And Communion

On the first Sunday each month we have a carry-in meal and then at 2:00 p.m. we observe the Lord’s Supper.

Questions Regarding The Lord’s Supper

What is the Lord’s Supper?

The Lord’s Supper was instituted by our Lord Jesus the same night he was betrayed. It is to be observed in his churches to the end of the age as a perpetual remembrance and display of the sacrifice of himself in his death. It is given for the confirmation of the faith of believers in all the benefits of Christ’s death, their spiritual nourishment and growth in him, and their further engagement in and to all the duties they owe him. The supper is to be a bond and pledge of their communion with Christ and each other.

How do we prepare to receive the Lord’s Supper?

Preparation for the Lord’s supper involves ​a ​careful examination​ as to (1) the genuineness of our repentance from sin; (2) the liveliness of our faith in Christ; (3) our desire to live in obedience to God's Word; (4) our being in love and charity with all men and especially those in the household of faith; and (5) to our love and gratitude to the Savior in remembering his sacrifice for our sins​. We must seek for these graces​ must be renewed​ in us by ​​serious meditation​ and fervent prayer.

Should those who have doubts about their being in Christ or about whether they are ready to take communion come to the Lord’s Supper?

Those who have doubts about their ​being in Christ or about their readiness to take ​the Lord's Supper may nonetheless have a valid interest in Christ, even though they are not yet assured of being in​ ​him. ​If such ​individuals are grieved by their lack of assurance, sincerely ​desire to be found in Christ, and to ​flee from their sin, and ​if in that condition ​they truly ​mourn their doubts and ​earnestly endeavor to resolve the​m, they may​ ​and ​should to come to the Lord’s supper, so that their faith may be further strengthened​;​ because ​God has promised, and this sacrament ​has been given for the relief of weak and doubting Christians​. ​

Should the Lord’s Supper be ​administered to anyone professing faith in Christ?

​Anyone professing faith in Christ, who undermines their profession by their ignorance of the gospel or by their ungodliness of life, ​cannot enjoy​ true​ fellowship with Christ, ​and ​are​ therefore​ equally unworthy of the Lord's table, and cannot, without great sin against him, partake of th​is holy ​ordinance, or be admitted to ​it while they remain ​in their sin and error​. Indeed, whoever participates unworthily is guilty of the body and blood of the Lord, eating and drinking judgment on themselves.